About ClassMaker

appstoreClassMaker allows educators to make classroom placements on the iPad. Many elementary teachers and administrators know this process as Pink and Blue Cards. ClassMaker contains a number of tools that make this important job easier and more efficient than conventional paper methods.


ClassMaker allows you to set specific parameters for each classroom. You can also define information for each individual student. ClassMaker will provide instant statistics for each classroom. No longer will you have to count how many boys and girls are in each classroom. You will know the academic makeup, the exact number of students in special programs and the behavior levels for each classroom you design - as you design them!


ClassMaker also keeps track of student and classroom information. For example, if a classroom has been set up to not allow any students in ELD, and you move an ELD student into that classroom, ClassMaker will let you know that this student does not belong.


You can print or eMail completed class lists, student placement cards and a variety of other reports. Complete documentation included.


ClassMaker Features
• Import students and teachers
• Create multiple class lists
• Move (drag) students from classroom to classroom
• Instant statistical information on each classroom
• Print or eMail class lists, placement cards, and a variety of other reports
• Connection to district server (ClassMaker/RCM 5 district licenses)




ClassMaker Screenshots