About Deal Master

appstoreDeal Master is the perfect tool for poker dealers (and players) to test and monitor your speed and accuracy when dealing a variety of poker games. With Deal Master, you can:


• Practice evaluating every hand dealt to each player
• Practice mucking all losing hands
• Practice counting the stub
• Practice taking the correct rake


All exercises in Deal Master can be played with Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, or Seven Card Stud. Complete instructions are included right in Deal Master.


The Rank exercise allows you to practice calling the value of each hand and muck all losing hands, leaving only the winning hand (or hands in a split pot). In a hi-lo game, you will call the hi and lo value of each hand. As the dealer, it's your job to determine when a hand is complete and when to begin the next one. Therefore, Deal Master will not prompt you when a hand is over. To declare a hand over, simply begin the next one (or end the session). There are a variety of options to set. See screen shots below.


The Rake exercise allows you to practice calculating the rake, the amount the house takes from a pot. Being able to quickly pull the correct rake from the pot is a vital skill in dealing poker in a casino. Making mistakes in pulling the rake amount can cost you your job! Complete options are available in Deal Master to set the rake amount, maximum rake, table stakes, and more. See screen shots below.


The Stub exercise allows you to practice calculating the number of cards remaining in the stub (the stub is the cards remaining in the dealer’s hand, after all cards have been dealt). Checking the stub from time to time will help determine if a card is missing. Most casinos require the dealer to check the stub count at certain intervals.


Deal Master keeps a log of all sessions you play. And, within those logs are details on how many hands were played, the time of each session, number of errors, and more. Deal Master even keeps a list of all errors that were made so you can review each error to help you get better.



"Deal Master is a great tool for any poker dealer - novice or experienced who is looking to improve. I use it daily!"

Andras Nagy

Dealer, Cache Creek Casinos, CA


"Deal Master is a great tool for both beginning and experienced poker dealers. I wish you'd come up with this software sooner!"

Jason Feng,

Dealer Supervisor, Great Canadian Casinos


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