About Prop Master

Prop Master is the essential app for keeping track of all your table props during your live poker games. Prop Master keeps track of multiple players playing multiple props.Just enter the player's names and set their props. Then simply input the flops as you play each hand. You'll always know who hit their prop and who needs to pay who and how much. You can even eMail the results to each player!


If you play where a player can "sleep" a prop, Prop Master can handle that too! After entering the flop, you can indicate which players called their prop. Prop Master can even give you a list of all hands that were slept!


Prop Master can store multiple games played on different days. Recall a game and continue right where you left off, or eMail Big Jule the list of flops from last Thursday's game. Prop Master also stores the settings for each player. So, if you often play with the same people, you won't have to enter their settings over and over.


Prop Master includes these popular props:


• Big Boy
• High/Low
• Jacks
• Middle Card
• Odd/Even
• Pairs
• Pick A Card
• Red/Black
• Suits


Each prop can be individually configured. You can turn each prop on or off, change the prop’s sleep settings, flop only, wager amount and specific prop settings. For example, in the Jacks prop, you can set if a "Middle Jack" will pay double and if you want to play with the "Stiff Jack" option.


Get rid of that silly little piece of paper with all those chicken scratches on it! Whether you already play props in your poker game, or you want to try playing some props, Prop Master is the perfect tool for any game – big or small.



Prop Master Screenshots