About Report Card Maker

appstoreReport Card Maker (RCM) allows you to complete and print a variety of report cards geared toward grades K-6. You can edit the content of any of the included report cards to your liking. You can even import your school's logo or emblem!


RCM can keep report cards for your one home schooler, or your entire classroom! RCM keeps data from term to term so you can produce multi-term report cards.


Report Cards

Included with RCM are:
• Traditional Report Cards (English and Spanish)
• Standards Based Report Cards (English and Spanish)
• Home School Report Cards (English and Spanish)
• Christian School Report Cards
• Hebrew School Report Cards


Each report card (except for Home School) include a separate version specific for each individual grade level. Most of the included report cards include Spanish versions so you can work in English and print the cards in Spanish!



• Global Mode (edit all students at once!)
• Edit Grades in List (edit student grades in a list view)
• Color Coding
• Password Protection
• Print and/or eMail report cards
• Libraries of pre-written, pre-translated, searchable, editable comments
• Custom Comments (create your own library of comments)
• Editable Report Card Content
• Definable Number of Terms
• Much, much more!



"As the administrator of our electronic report cards, Report Card Maker version 5 has saved me from many of the problems and headaches I would encounter with each reporting period. Our reporting process is much cleaner, our data is safer, and our teachers experienced a much easier time in completing their report cards.

Keith Wright - Director, Information and Education Services
Ramona Unified School District


"Has anyone told you lately how great this program is and how much time it saves us. Not to mention that I no longer have an indentation on my index finger from writing through 4 layers of NCR paper. This is great and much appreciated by my entire staff."

Patty Rosales - 1st Grade Teacher
Oceanside Unified School District


"After the first reporting period using Report Card Maker an amazing and unprecedented thing happened to me, I didn't get one parent complaint about report cards. Thank you ClearVision!"

Susan McGill - Curriculum Director
Capistrano Unified School District


"The team at ClearVision Technologies is extremely professional and flexible. They have worked very closely with our school to help us create the very best reporting solution possible." Bruce

Terry - Blue Ribbon Award Principal
Irvine Unified School District


"Besides RCM being so easy to use, it was the perfect tool to motivate my staff to use technology. Our report cards never looked so professional!"

Karen Clay, Foxbourgh Elementary Principal
Capistrano Unified School District


"You should call this Report Card Heaven!"

5th Grade Staff - Springbrook Elementary School
Irvine Unified School District


"Thank you for creating such a fabulous program for teachers! I know any school district will have a great interest in Report Card Maker."

Michael Klos - 4th Grade Teacher
Capistrano Unified School District


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