Chip Template


Do not attempt to downlaod this file to your iPad. Instead, download it on your desktop computer and open it in PhotoShop. You can then edit the template as desired to resemble your own personal chip set.


For the best results, keep the image on a transparent background and save the file as a PNG. Here's exactly what to do:


1. Download and unzip the file above.
2. Open the file in PhotoShop.
3. Edit the template by adding your own art work for each of your chips.
4. Save each chip individually as a seperate file.
5. Save the images as PNGs.
6. Bring the images to your iPad by adding them to your photos and sync.
7. Launch CBT and tap the "Options" tab.
8. For each chip, tap the desired chip denomination and tap "Select Image".
9. Select the image.


To remove a default image for a chip denomination you are not going to use, tap the chip and choose "Clear Image".