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Custom Blind Timer (CBT) is a completely customizable poker tournament timer for the iPad.


You have complete editing control of:

• Blind levels
• Blind amounts
• Ante amounts
• Level durations
• Breaks and pauses
• Number of players
• Buy-in amount
• Starting chip stack
• Rebuy amount (including rebuy chip stack)
• Add-On amount (including add-on chip stack)
• Prize schedule


CBT can even generate a prize schedule for you. Just enter the number of positions you want paid, and CBT will generate a prize schedule for you. You can manually adjust the payouts if you like.


CBT can distribute your players to your tables. Just enter the names of your players and CBT can print out or eMail a seating list. It can even print seating cards!


CBT comes with templates of popular poker tournament structures like WPT, WSOP, Borgata, Bellagio and many others. You can use these structures as is, or edit them to your liking.


CBT is also one of the most visually appealing timers available for the iPad. You can customize many aspects of the display including:

• Background image/color
• Show/hide prize pool and payouts
• Show/hide number of players remaining
• Show/hide average chip stack


CBT displays the images of the chips along with the blind amounts. And, not just any chip images... YOUR chips! You can choose from many of the most common chip sets to install (for free). Or, you can create your own chip images. A Photoshop template is available here.


Other tournament features include the display of the average chip stack, the number of players remaining, a 60 second timer to "call the clock", and CBT works in both landscape and portrait mode.



Custom Blind Timer Screenshots